About us


Bare Naked Bowls is the creation of Josh and Ashley Porteous. They met volunteering in Arusha, Tanzania in July of 2013. Josh from Sydney, Australia had given up a corporate life to volunteer in some of the poorest countries on this earth for one year and Ashley from Santa Barbara, California had worked hard over her summer break from college to volunteer in Tanzania for one month. As fate would have it, they were sent to the same volunteer house and the rest is history – 2014 was a big year for them – they started a charity together, were married and fell pregnant. However, these times were not without there challenges and in mid 2014 both Josh and Ashley battled some nasty parasites whilst volunteering in Nepal. It was during this time that they realised that living in developing nations was not something they could do full time, they needed time back in the first world to focus on their health.

After ridding themselves of the parasites, they went about changing their diet and lifestyle. They spent one month in Santa Barbara, California where they were introduced to the Acai Bowl. They had it for breakfast or lunch, before between or after exercising, there was absolutely nothing better than an acai bowl. It truly is an incredible meal – it fills you up, does not weigh you down, and gives you the energy and nutrition you need to flourish.

At the same time they were becoming increasingly interested in super foods & organic foods and the benefits they have when introduced into an active lifestyle. This opened their eyes to where our food actually comes from, how it is produced, and the positive effect it has on our health.

They talked constantly about how to balance their lives. Their charity and their growing family was the priority but so was the need for a sustainable business to support what they choose to do. Combine this with their new healthy outlook and everything fell into place. They were going to bring the Acai Bowl to Manly and do it their way.

Bare Naked Bowls was born.

They combined their passions – healthier lifestyle, their family, better food, building their charity, active lifestyles, and acai bowls.

Bare Naked Bowls stores are located in Sydney at Manly, Northmead, Bondi Beach, Dee Why and in Brisbane at Newstead.