Our Foods


At Bare Naked Bowls we believe in nourishing your body with real food; no highly processed foods, no chemicals, no high-fructose corn syrup – just real food combined in creative and delicious ways. We are proud to serve local and mostly organic ingredients which gives you the energy you need to make the most out of your day.


Most of our food at BNB is sourced locally. We pride ourselves on a close relationship with our suppliers and are well aware of the benefits of buying ingredients locally and do so at every opportunity.


It’s all about eating real food. We pride ourselves on delivering truly beneficial food to your body. Our dishes are loaded with fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, superfoods and grains. Our almond milk is made in-house every morning along with our raw treats that will fuel your body with energy for the whole day.

Do Good

Bare Naked Bowls was born out of a passion to travel, help others, and the strong desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We work hard to maintain a culture that is an authentic representation of our values and our vision for the world in which we want to live. Which is why we are proudly partnered with The International Brothers and Sisters house, a charity that supports orphaned children in developing nations including Nepal, Tanzania, and Cambodia. We strongly believe that education is the key to one day ending world poverty and to that end, 1% of every purchase made in our stores will go directly to IBSH and help these children in need.