Why you should be using a Keepcup

May 24th, 2019

It is widely known that single use coffee cups are non-recyclable and continue to be an environmental issue after they are out of sight, ending up in waterways and piling up in landfills. But with a range of different reusable and sustainable alternatives, now is the time to add an ecofriendly keepcup to your everyday bag.

After only 15 uses (that’s just over once a day for two weeks!) your cup has become equally energy-efficient to the production of a paper cup. Meaning that you are saving water, trees, and energy every time you whip our your handy ecofriendly cup at your local café. Think of your positive impact over a few years! Whether you are an on the run coffee drinker or prefer to sip at a latte at your desk, a reusable cup will keep your beverage safe and warm use after use.

Gone are the days of carrying around ugly thermoses with giant handles! You can now purchase reusable cups in all colours of the rainbow so you can be eco-friendly and stylish everyday.

When you purchase a Bare Naked Bowls reusable coffee cup you will receive a free coffee and 50c off all future coffee purchases! The glass cup does not retain odours like its plastic alternatives and is dishwasher safe. Plus the silicone band makes it easy to hold and keeps your fingers warm while protecting them from the hot glass.

Bare Naked Bowl baristas love all keepcups, they are designed to be the same size as standard coffee sizes, but we have to be honest, we think the Bare Naked Bowl cups look pretty cool.