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Get to Know Our Newstead Team

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This week we’ve taken the time to get to know our newest Bare Naked Bowls owners, James and Karen. Read about how they juggle raising their 9-month-old Teddy, whilst running two businesses plus staying fit and healthy! These guys have a real knack for not over complicating things and keeping it simple. If you want good food, friendly service and, most importantly, amazing coffee, be sure to pop in and say hi to the Newstead team!

Why Bare Naked Bowls?

We always had in the back of our minds that it would be cool to one day have our own business. Timing-wise everything fell into place and we just decided to jump in and do it!

We both love training and strongly believe in fuelling our bodies with nutritious healthy foods, which made Bare Naked Bowls the perfect fit for us. We also love the Bare Naked Bowls philosophy around sustainability, being plastic straw free and compostable (rather than recyclable) take away packaging – because let’s face it, most items that get thrown in recycling bins actually end up in landfill anyway!

We chose Bare Naked Bowls because the methods and processes were set up and ready to go, plus we both really enjoyed the taste and quality of all of the menu items. When the first Queensland store opened in Toowong, we saw the opportunity for another Brisbane location in Newstead.

We both frequently visited the Newstead area as we live locally. We both realised that there was a gap in the market on this side of Brisbane, due to the many gyms and the healthy lifestyle of the Newstead locals. We wanted to provide a healthy offering that was satisfying for the locals of Newstead who are often on the go.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Firstly, we both know that we’re working towards building a business that will align with our lifestyle and our family’s needs. We love being in control of our own destiny!

We enjoy being part of a local community. Newstead is a tight-knit community – so it means a lot to us when we see smiling faces on repeat customers who come back for their daily superfood fix.

Thirdly, we both enjoy the simple things in life. Great food, healthy and active lifestyles and being part of our local area.  We enjoy getting involved with community events and building lasting relationships with other local businesses.


What is your go to menu item?

James – Cacao acai smoothie because I’m always on the go – thick superfood goodness with all the macros I need to stay active!

Karen – The California Nourish bowl – it’s like a guilt-free version of a burrito bowl.  On my training days I usually start with a Mushy Supreme and ABC toast, then treat myself to a post-workout acai bowl – usually the Rio or Hippie bowl… love that peanut butter goodness!!


What makes your store unique?

We are situated at the front of Think Fitness in the heart of Newstead, just a stone’s throw from Gasworks.  We love that we can bring quick, healthy brekky and lunch options to those who work and live in the area.

We also have a great sense of community at our store. It is a great hub for people to meet with their friends for a bowl when they are coming and going from the gym! I also like the fact that we’re not in a screamingly obvious location. It adds a sense of discovery when people are walking past and go ‘Oh what’s this place?!’. It’s really cool that we can just open a roller door and there’s a café! #secretlocation  We have plenty of room for prams and pooches too – making it a really fun local hub for everyone! #pupsofnewstead

What is it like going from corporate to café?

James – It’s still a lot of hard work – the hours are actually longer than corporate – but it’s definitely less stressful and more enjoyable! I knew that I didn’t want to go back to working for someone else, so the fact that I’m doing something for myself and my family, rather than a boss is really motivating in itself!

It really is the simple things that make life worth living! Don’t over complicate it!

Get to know our Bronte team

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Our franchisees live and breathe acai bowls and our brand every day. We’ve taken the time to get to know the power couple that is behind our Bronte Beach store, Yvanna & Ninos. Check out what they have to say about all things Bare Naked Bowls and the exciting (and slightly crazy life) of being business owners.

Why Bare Naked Bowls?
Yvanna: We’ve tried a lot of Acai and nothing compared to Bare Naked Bowls. Everytime we dined in the consistency was on point. The variety of bowls was also a winner.
Ninos: When I first started coming to the Bronte Store as a customer I really liked the atmosphere. Then eating the bowls just cemented everything for me. Also after meeting Josh and Ashley, I knew we were under good wings.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?
Yvanna: Firstly being awarded franchisee of the year this year:) ! We’ve put in a lot of hard work and I guess it has shown. Next would be seeing repeat customers and receiving great comments/feedback on the food we serve. It’s always satisfying seeing a repeat customer introduce a new friend to the store and to hear how they explain the menu, or specific bowls (their favourite bowl) always makes me happy and proud. Credit goes to Josh and Ashley for starting this amazing brand, we couldn’t have asked for better people to share this experience with.
Ninos: Being my own boss! Creating a great customer experience. I’ve met a lot of people and many that we have become friends with, that just come into the shop for a quick coffee and end up staying for a bowl and a chat.

What is your go to menu item?
Yvanna: Oooooh that’s a tough one. I battle between Pink Coconut & Green Bowl. But pink coconut is my first preference.
Ninos: Hands down the Power bowl with peanut butter drizzle..full stop!

What makes your store unique?
Yvanna: Being a 5min walk to the beach, our store set up and also our focus on coffee. We love a good coffee and our passion for coffee I think makes our store a destination not just an Acai Superfood Cafe.
We treat our store like a family. We have a great relationship with our staff and also our customers. I think working in the store and the customers knowing you are the owner has built a lot of respect, especially with the locals. We take great pride in every single item on our menu that goes out. I personally think it makes a real impact on repeat business and building a name for a store.
Ninos: Our location! The amazing influencers we work with that have also become really good customers and are very supportive towards Yvanna and I. It’s just the place to be. 🙂

How has your life changed since owning a Bare Naked Bowls?

Yvanna: Wow…so much has changed, so much responsibility, and many challenges, but also many good times. We’ve made so many new friends and also got to know the Bronte community, it actually feels like our second home.
Ninos: A lot more responsibilities, routine and structure. Learning how to communicate and manage staff. I am also now a qualified barista, and I think that’s a great achievement.

Ok last one! What’s it like working together?
Terrible….hahahaha that’s a joke. I couldn’t have started this journey with anyone else. Anyone that knows Ninos would know he’s a very friendly, passionate and giving person. Don’t get me wrong, it did have its challenges in the beginning, as we were both new to hospitality, and owning a store with 18 staff. Communication, understanding and also managing different areas of the store/business has made things work so much easier and better. Ninos is front of house and I manage back of house. At the beginning we spoke about who would do what, and I was going to be front of house, but once we were physically working in store, it just worked better as it is now.
Ninos: AMAZING LOL….It’s great working together because I just have to say I’m hungry and Yvanna will make me something  to eat. Hahahaha….. jokes aside, it’s good working together, but like anything has its challenges which we work through and get past them. But that’s what life is about, getting challenged and overcoming any obstacle.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

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You may have heard of the gut friendly sparkling drink ‘Kombucha’ (pronounced kom-boo-cha) that has exploded onto the health scene recently, but contrary to what you may believe, kombucha has been around for thousands of years. Far from a fad, Kombucha is believed to have been created in China over 2000 years ago! The traditional method of creating Kombucha comprises of the natural fermentation process of sweet tea with a live culture. This live culture is known as a scoby, or ‘Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts’ and is also commonly referred to as a ‘mushroom’ also giving kombucha the nickname ‘mushroom tea’.

Kombucha is packed with probiotics or ‘good gut bacteria’ as they are commonly referred to as, which can strengthen our natural defences against some forms of illness and harmful microorganisms. The presence of gluconic acid in kombucha is believed to aid in natural detoxification and may boost the efficiency of the detoxifying tracts of the liver.

Kombucha is also naturally free from sugar! The negative effects of the consumption of too much sugar are widely known and researched such as weight gain, skin breakouts and increasing risk of heart disease.

But kombucha is not only consumed for its nourishing and beneficial qualities, many drink this sugar-free alternative for the delicious taste. It is a great choice for those looking for a vegan, gluten-free or healthy alternative. You can enjoy a wide variety of kombucha flavours at all Bare Naked Bowl stores. Kombucha pairs perfectly with superfood salads or nourishing Acai bowl and will leave you feeling nourished and energised.

Why you should be using a Keepcup

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It is widely known that single use coffee cups are non-recyclable and continue to be an environmental issue after they are out of sight, ending up in waterways and piling up in landfills. But with a range of different reusable and sustainable alternatives, now is the time to add an ecofriendly keepcup to your everyday bag.

After only 15 uses (that’s just over once a day for two weeks!) your cup has become equally energy-efficient to the production of a paper cup. Meaning that you are saving water, trees, and energy every time you whip our your handy ecofriendly cup at your local café. Think of your positive impact over a few years! Whether you are an on the run coffee drinker or prefer to sip at a latte at your desk, a reusable cup will keep your beverage safe and warm use after use.

Gone are the days of carrying around ugly thermoses with giant handles! You can now purchase reusable cups in all colours of the rainbow so you can be eco-friendly and stylish everyday.

When you purchase a Bare Naked Bowls reusable coffee cup you will receive a free coffee and 50c off all future coffee purchases! The glass cup does not retain odours like its plastic alternatives and is dishwasher safe. Plus the silicone band makes it easy to hold and keeps your fingers warm while protecting them from the hot glass.

Bare Naked Bowl baristas love all keepcups, they are designed to be the same size as standard coffee sizes, but we have to be honest, we think the Bare Naked Bowl cups look pretty cool.

Eat Well, Do Good

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When you dine with us at Bare Naked Bowls you’re not only receiving a nourishing superfood smoothie or plant-based acai bowl. You’re also doing good in impoverished communities across the world from Nepal to Tanzania. Bare Naked Bowls donates 1% of all sales to the International Brothers and Sisters House, a charity created by Bare Naked Bowl’s founder Josh Porteous after he had a life changing experience volunteering in Cambodia.

International Brothers and Sisters House focuses on 3 focus areas in their efforts in working with disadvantaged and orphaned children.

1. Working to provide relief from poverty by providing low cost housing to underprivileged youth in Tanzania and Nepal. IBSH provide education and activities to disadvantaged youths to allow them to gain beneficial life skills.

2. Working for the relief of sickness through the provision of better HIV medication for sick and underprivileged children by forming strong partnerships with local government agencies in Tanzania. IBSH currently sponsor over 70 children across 23 families in Tanzania, 17 of which are led by single mothers.

International Brothers and Sisters House focuses on 3 focus areas in their efforts in working with disadvantaged and orphaned children.

1. Working to provide relief from poverty by providing low cost housing to underprivileged youth in Tanzania and Nepal. IBSH provide education and activities to disadvantaged youths to allow them to gain beneficial life skills.

2. Working for the relief of sickness through the provision of better HIV medication for sick and underprivileged children by forming strong partnerships with local government agencies in Tanzania. IBSH currently sponsor over 70 children across 23 families in Tanzania, 17 of which are led by single mothers.

3. Working to provide relief from suffering through the construction of homes for the disadvantaged and schools for the uneducated, facilitated through collaborations with foundations.

With the support of our Bare Naked Bowl customers, the International Brothers and Sisters House can continue to better the lives of vulnerable children across the world to ensure they are empowered to forge a better path for their life through education.

To Read More about IBSH and how you can help -

3 Superfoods that we are loving right now

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Edamame is an immature soybean that has been a staple in the Asian diet for many years and for good reason! A half-cup of edamame beans contains a surprising 9 grams of fibre and 11 grams of protein. They are also a healthy plant-based source of antioxidants and vitamins A & C.

Try edamame in our Earth Bowl along with leafy greens, seasoned rain fed bio dynamic brown rice, raw zucchini zoodles, cucumber, carrot, baby beetroot, smashed avocado and a touch of bee pollen.


Triangular in shape and often found as a topping to Acai bowls and superfood smoothies, buckinis may be small but they are packed full of protein and contain all of the essential amino acids. Buckinis are specially prepared through a washing and dehydrating process to ensure that they are activated to allow zinc, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium and B vitamins to be absorbed. Activated buckinis are the perfect gluten-free crunch to add to a nourishing meal.

Try Activated Buckinis on top of our Bliss Bowl with organic acai berry, banana, mango, raw coconut water, strawberry, coconut chia pudding, passionfruit, organic coconut chips and bush honey.

Hemp Seeds

Rich in vegan protein, healthy fats and minerals, this keto friendly addition is the perfect topper for any bowl or smoothie. With a mild nutty flavour, hemp seeds are also exceptionally rich in omega-3 and omega-6 making it a great plant based source of the essential fatty acids.

Try organic hemp seeds in our Maca Cacao superfood smoothie, a nourishing blend of banana, dates, organic cacao, activated almond milk, baby spinach, jing, cinnamon and bush honey.

What is Acai?

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Known for its delicious tropical and naturally sweet taste, it’s understandable why Acai is one of the most renowned members of the superfood squad. Acaí, (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is best known for being the hero ingredient in some of the most Instagrammable smoothie bowls. Besides acai’s vibrant colouring and taste, it’s jam-packed with nutrients and superfood qualities that leave you feeling energised, refreshed and ready to take on your day.

There is more to acai berries than just their good looks and taste, and if you have tasted acai, you’ll understand why it has been cultivated throughout Brazilian rainforests for decades. Amazonian tribes discovered acai berries to have extremely high antioxidant properties, often sourcing the berry to build their immune systems and as a valuable source of energy.

Since being introduced into the western world, it’s understandable why acai has come with such a buzz – the sweetness of this superfood will have you feeling guilt free about your breakfast choice and totally satisfied all day.

It really does become a win-win situation for everyone when you choose your smoothie bowl toppings. What is your superfood go to? Think – goji berries, chia seeds, coconut yogurt, activated buckinis, fresh fruit, hemp seeds or even a peanut butter drizzle. At Bare Naked Bowls, we are all about jam-packing our bowls with as much organic, wholesome, nutrient-rich, superfood goodness as possible to boost our health! That is why we get told that our Bare Naked Bowls are the best acai bowls around!